Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Beths are back with their new pop punk single ‘Watching the Credits’

The Beths have made a triumphant return to the indie music scene following the release of their critically acclaimed album ‘Expert In A Dying Field' last year. ‘Watching the Credits’ is the perfect way to tease new music for fans of the quartet from Auckland, New Zealand. 

The track contains the perfectly clear-cut vocals from frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes as well as their catchy and boppy rhythms that listeners of The Beths know and love. 

The track opens with a sunny, head-bopping tune consisting of incisive bass notes and a beachy indie tune from the guitar. The opening verse has a dreamy build-up to the chorus which gives the song a unique sound. With its dramatic pauses and changes in rhythm, the song gives an atmosphere like it could be in a movie running alongside the credits theme of the title, yet they still keep that classic The Beths' noise.  

Guitarist Jonathan Pearce provides the ears with a jazzy and fun instrumental between the chorus and second verse which has a slightly new sound compared to previous tracks by the band. It gives a beautiful spoken poetry energy with the fast lyrics slightly out of line with the rhythm of the guitar. This adds a brilliant amount of suspense before an 80’s sounding guitar takes over for a dramatic ending to the song and before a soothing orchestral note supplies the listener's ears full of springy yet rocky noise.  

You can catch The Beths performing their cracking new record ‘Watching The Credits’ as well as masterpieces like ‘Future Me Hates Me’ as they embark on a run of UK shows in May. 

Alice Mason 

@alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: The Beths – by Lindsey Byrnes 

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