Monday, April 17, 2023

Shoegaze indie band bdrmm release their new dreamy track ‘Be Careful’

Deep, gritty yet beautiful are 3 words to describe bdrmm latest track ‘Be Careful’. The quartet from Hull released their debut album ‘Bedroom’ in 2020 and since then have carried on making these modern hazy tracks that listeners love. 

The band who are signed to Mogwai’s record label ‘Rock Action’ announced earlier this year that their 2nd album ‘I Don’t Know’ will be released on June 30th and this mysterious track is the second single from their upcoming record.  

The song starts with slow beats and rhythms and it’s hard for your ears to focus on one instrument as they all sound so distinct when playing together. The classic chirpy-sounding bass featured on many of their records soon kicks in as the slow guitar riffs blend through. The tranquil vocals compliment the gentle lyrics, especially in the chorus when the lines ‘‘Be careful of yourself’’ are being sung. The track slowly builds momentum and pops when you get to the instrumental bridge. It's filled with cloudy synths, muffled background singing as well as the indie sounds from the guitar.  

This track is 4 minutes and 30 seconds of pure joy, relaxation and talent. This latest single by the kings of hazy shoe-gaze music proves that their upcoming album is one to keep your ears on when it is released this summer.  

Alice Mason

@alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs

Image: ‘Be Careful’ by bdrmm – Official Single Cover 


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