Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Spacey Jane release dreamy new single ‘Sorry Instead’

The indie four piece from Fremantle, Australia, Spacey Jane, release a deluxe version of their incredible second album ‘Here Come’s Everybody’.

This version features two new tracks, a live version of their passionate single ‘Hardlight’, as well as their recently reworked single ‘Lots of Nothing’ featuring BENEE

‘Sorry Instead’ speaks of regret as the vocalist looks back on a time when they wish they had acted differently.

The lyrics in the chorus repeat the line “Could have plead my case/but I said sorry instead”. The track features dreamy and floaty vocals from Caleb Harper with changes in pitch throughout the song showcasing his unique musical talent. This track has quieter, more mellow moments during verses but then leads into a punchy, hard-hitting chorus with soulful harmonies between Caleb and Peppa Lane. The elegance Peppa brings to every Spacey Jane record with her angelic voice and excellent bass playing is phenomenal and really stands out in ‘Sorry Instead’

The guitar chords in this track just scream Spacey Jane and their distinctive sound that they have managed to maintain through every track they have produced thus far. The synchronicity between Caleb and fellow guitarist Ashton Hardman-Le Cornu is beyond special and you can really hear that on this track. You have a fast, shoegaze indie sound from one guitar but also a garage rock noise from the other; the way they blend so well together is incredibly impressive. Kieran Lama on the drums is the backbone of this track. The tension in the stop and starts from the drums and symbols add so much to this already beautiful song.  

Spacey Jane are one of Australia’s most loved bands and this song proves why. Their talent to produce such eccentric yet individual music is mind blowing and they continue to impress fans on this new record.  

Alice Mason 
Instagram: @alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 
Image: ‘Here Comes Everybody (Deluxe)’ Official Album Cover

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