Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Retro-inspired solo act Atomic Bronco is back with the new, indie/alt-rock track ‘Fly Away’

Atomic Bronco, a solo project created by Kyle Nuss, is a producer and songwriter based between Austin, Texas, and London, UK. Perfectly combining genres together, Nuss has created a time capsule in his sound, stepping straight out of the ‘90s which is perfectly shown in his latest single, ‘Fly Away.’

‘Fly Away’ shows elements of indie pop with hints of folk, opens with a tuneful, mellifluous acoustic guitar, wonderous, and has an ‘Evermore’ meets The Civil Wars feel to it. This then progresses into a groove-like rhythm of a bass guitar, somewhat bouncy and calming, soon followed by a four-beat drum kicking in and bringing an optimistic, relaxed atmosphere alive. A haven in the form of a song.

The vocal stylings are deep and slack showing clear elements of lo-fi, offering the track an intriguing juxtaposition. It is the soft, whimsical instrumentals that meet a monotonous vocal range that is endearing and perfectly highlights the sensitive themes. Thought-provoking, ‘Fly Away’ brews up a multitude of emotions and this is without a doubt because of the emotional performance from Atomic Bronco.

There are hints of alternative rock, though there is a use of acoustic guitar, an electric guitar soon kicks in as the track progresses. It is intricate, deep and with a slight distortion it brings a gloomy feel, understated melancholy.

Filled with blissful guitars and a soundscape that brings a sense of calmness to the listener, ‘Fly Away’ is a deeply personal song and conveys Atomic Bronco’s vulnerability and passion in a sincere and captivating way.


Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Fly Away’ Official Single Cover

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