Thursday, March 09, 2023

New Starts and Fresh Perspectives: mUmbo Releases the Enlightening Track ‘Sky Is Blue’

Retro, psychedelic alternative pop trio mUmbo is back with the unique and refreshing single, ‘Sky Is Blue’.

mUmbo is a London-based band formed in 2021 and consists of solo artists Doug MacGowen on electric and acoustic guitar, bass, and banjo alongside Emma Semple as lead vocals and violin. In 2022 they went from a duo to a trio, introducing Italian drummer Antonio Dale

Together they create a sonically diverse sound incorporating a multitude of genres including psychedelic, blues, and alternative pop.

‘Sky Is Blue’ tells the tale of escaping and reaching for a deep blue sky and clear fresh air. A new start and fresh perspective, breaking free from the mundane and appreciating the small things in life, perfectly captured in the lyrics "Sky is blue, it’s all waiting for you // Breathe the air and don’t even care."

‘Sky Is Blue’ opens with a deep and heavy twang of a guitar that builds up in echoes and into the use of a whammy bar, the jilted strums create a loose and tense soundscape that feels all the waves of psychedelic rock but with an element of the wild west. These guitars fade perfectly into a rolling percussion, flowing and creating a somewhat somber atmosphere, but the let-loose lyrics give it a suspicion of hope and calmness.

The soundscape is consistent throughout and is created by MacGowen and Dale. It builds up with intensity as the track progresses, with a sudden hit of a heavy drumbeat and electric guitar that is woozy and intoxicated. All of this creates the perfect framework for Emma Semple’s vocal stylings. Giving a hint of Stevie Nicks, her voice is soft yet crisp with a nasal hint to it. It is innocent yet seductive, a euphoric listen.

‘Sky Is Blue’ is a unique track from the equally unique mUmbo. Full of imagery and interesting twists and turns, its hard-to-place time stamp on it, with grooves from the 70s, a retro-introspective of 90s, and the edge of the wild west mUmbo have let their imagination run wild and it is awe-inspiring.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Sky Is Blue’ Official Single Cover

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