Saturday, March 25, 2023

John Leslie Proves That Love Is Enough On Latest Release

John Leslie hails from the Australian Sunshine Coast, a region filled with beaches of golden sand and lakes of shimmering beauty in the Queensland hinterland. 

It’s no surprise that coming from such a picturesque and tranquil area can fill the brain with wonder and positivity, and this impact can be seen no clearer than on the singer’s latest single ‘Love Found A Way’. 

Opening with a guitar riff that adds surprising tension over a steady drumbeat, the initial burst of the track actually seems at odds with Leslie’s sunshine-laden previous releases. Yet, as the pre-chorus kicks in over a subtle backdrop of gospel choir backing vocals, the rays of sunshine that make Leslie so alluring begin to creep through the cloud that the early moments of the song manage to create. 

Major electric guitar chords and deep basslines suddenly allow the song to burst into full colour as the chorus arrives. “It’s better left unsaid / But I was given up for dead / In truth I cannot say / But in my heart love found a way” bellows Leslie in one of the best affirmations of the year as the track finally ascends into the kind of positive proclamation that we have come to expect from the Australian. 

Love Found A Way’ crescendo’s into a cacophony of pounding drums, Spanish guitar licks and falsetto vocals. It’s a fitting ending to a track that seems to find joy in the everyday showings of love, and the endless impact such feelings can have on one’s soul.  

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Love Found A Way’ Official Single Cover 

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