Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Do Nothing prove that they can just about do everything with new their new track ‘Happy Feet’

Do Nothing make their long-anticipated return to the music scene with the release of their cleverly crafted new single ‘Happy Feet’.

Having heard nothing new from the band since their last EP ‘Glueland’ in 2021, this new track comes with much promise from the band as they worked with the likes of esteemed producer Andy Savours and director Luke Ainger on the music video.

Although the new single may come as a confusion, the song is not about the iconic smash-hit family film about penguins that we have all come to know and love in our childhoods. The track is, more interestingly, about the personal struggles of the band’s frontman, Chris Bailey, while the band struggled to record and create their forthcoming announced debut album. If this track is anything to go by, that album should be something worth the issues that can come with a band’s creative process.

The song acts as a nudge to the wider world, insisting that it is okay to have a moment to yourself and sit idly by and do, well, as the band name suggests, nothing.

The lyrics “I’m not gonna dress it up / Today didn’t go so well / Maybe that’s just how it works” show that having a bad day can just be part of the process, as painful as that may be sometimes to learn. To be able to make something great comes with it the responsibility of knowing that a bad day doesn’t last forever. In the face of struggle and a creative block, you have to push past, and the line “It’s just a hair of difference / between being in control” comes as proof that every day in a process cannot be similar with the chaos that is sure to ensue when passions run wild.

So, in the way of the Do Nothing boys, we must all give ourselves the time to sit idly by, especially when struggling and let our passions run wild. Happy Feet an ode to doing nothing while achieving everything.



Bethany Atkins


Image: 'Happy Feet' Official Single Cover


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