Friday, March 10, 2023

Arlo Parks cleanses herself with new single ‘Impurities’

After a tremendous rise within the alternative indie music community Arlo Parks has put forward a second offering ahead of her upcoming fourth studio album. On the track ‘Impurities’, the Mercury Prize winner tells a tale of confidence through a lens of self-acceptance – a welcomed rest bite against some of her more harrowing song topics.

Impurities’ has a subtle production style made up of synthesisers and almost unnoticeable drumming, that work well due to the mix being ethereal in nature. 

At points, clever quieting and muffling make the otherwise simple style feel varied and alive. There are twangs in tone at the edges of notes that help emphasise this whimsical edge. 

It’s a wash of subdued tones that carefully relax the mind in conjunction with the lyrical content - where her approach to building up the community that surrounds her is filled with love and acceptance. Her chorus of - “I radiate like a star // when you embrace all my impurities” invites the thought of the necessary support that’s needed by all to truly excel. She is giving us an intimate look at her own needs and what she hopes others have too – a touching sentiment.

Arlo Parks only continues to solidify herself as consistent and graceful; this track is a positive addition to her discography that will soothe any situation.


Jessica McCarrick

Instagram: @jessmccarrick_

Image: ‘Impurities’ Official Single Cover


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