Thursday, February 09, 2023

Swiss Banks hit a home run with new single ‘Make it work’

Hailing from the lone star state, Swiss Banks’ sound is a swirling mix of moody post-punk tones interlaced with features of driven modern rock.

Their latest single ‘Make it work’ is taken from their newest EP of the same name, which dropped earlier this year.

Make it work’ features hard-hitting drums and great guitar lines that weave themselves brilliantly around the main chord patterns. 

Vocally, the performance is stellar - They are stunningly sunken and melancholic and are a superb juxtaposition to the bright guitar work. On the other hand, they fit in perfectly with the deep, resonant drums and fast-paced bass guitar. The lyrics are clever and mirror the overall feel of the cut, with the stand out line being “Cancel my subscription to the functioning universe / I’m not doing very well, just in case you couldn’t tell, so save your hurtful words.”.

The song structure is fluid, with verses bleeding into the chorus effortlessly. The mix itself is well balanced, the bass is crisp and clear, with the more high pitch guitar towards the end of the track easily recognisable, and not tinny in any way. The vocals stand out from the backing instrumental, but don’t overpower. The whole track can be best described as if The Temper Trap met Morrissey, making it such an interesting listen from start to finish.

A truly impressive single from start to finish, ‘Make it work’ is a post-punk song done right in 2023. Swiss Banks deposit yet another impressive single into their account, and deserve all the praises they will receive for this track.

Dan Jones 

Image: ‘Make it work’ Official Single Cover


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