Thursday, February 02, 2023

Sam and the Sea Releases The Eerily spectacular EP: 'Evil Ghosts'

Sam and the Sea has released their latest EP, ‘Evil Ghosts’.

Sam and the Sea is a singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist. When creating ‘Evil Ghosts,’ it started out as a grid of four colours, blue, pink, yellow, and white, with each colour having a direct link to each track on the EP. Keeping those colours in mind when mixing, Sam imaged the music in a visual way with emphasis on space and saturation. 

The result is series of independent prints, each a little brighter than might naturally occur.

The overall style of the opening track ‘Evil Ghosts’ is a mesh of genre, best described as gothic-folk power. Simple yet sophisticated the opening track begins with a subtle washing of waves that gives a calm effect. However, this is a false pretence that Sam and the Sea uses to draw the listener in adding in a peculiar and ghostly foghorn that echoes, establishes an enigmatic tone. This then blends in with the sudden drumbeat and becomes the main focal point, replicating a heartbeat and compliments the intricate guitar picking.

‘Evil Ghosts’ is a story about nothing, but the notion of the stars and the endlessness of the unknown shown through the lyrics ‘high up in the sky star in perpetual motion, no one cares up there.’ Sam’s soft vocals creates, like The Civil Wars creates a light-hearted yet sinister lullaby that is aided by the constant eeriness of the sea and whimsical atmosphere.

‘Canada’ is a sentimental and relaxed song and is about a past trip to Vancouver and a series of informal journal entries written at the time. Like its name’s sake, ‘Canada’ feels airy and light, made up of an atmospheric instrumental, centring a haunting guitar.

Horses’ explores a primitive landscape through a synchronised and odd rhythm. Perfectly described as low-fi, Sam uses a jangly and repetitive bass to create a hypnotic, dream-like state. His high-pitched vocals and low toned guitar juxtapose the subject matter: death.  

‘…In waves’ closes the EP, it is short and sweet but packs a punch. Opening with a synth with an undertone of static, ‘…In Waves’ is an electronic and hazy outerlude with a soft tune that perfectly wraps up the entire EP.

‘Evil Ghosts’ is a fascinating EP with an intense mixture of genre in its simplest form, Sam and the Sea creates an intricate mystery that listeners can get lost in.  

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Evil Ghosts’ Official EP Cover

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