Tuesday, February 07, 2023

PVRIS encapsulates the power of femininity in turbulent track ‘GODDESS’

American pop-rock group PVRIS have commenced 2023 with the follow-on track to ‘ANYWHERE BUT HERE’ and ‘ANIMAL’. 

The gritty and powerful 'GODDESS' is every bit of the PVRIS sound that makes them so recognised in the world of music. 

Known for incorporating elements of rock, pop and hip-hop throughout their discography, ‘GODDESS’ also includes strong tones of electronic rock and some heavy yet cathartic screams and tight bass lines.

The track celebrates womanhood, hailing us as ethereal divine beings and what it takes to own your femininity with dominating lyrics such as, "You know I got it, so I flaunt it" and ‘It’s your body, fuck the man". The song comes at a time when women should remember to celebrate themselves in a world and industry that is snubbing their talents. Particularly in light of the recent controversy surrounding the UK's biggest award at the BRITS, where no female artists was nominated for the Artist of the Year.

The single is oozing with sass and a cut-throat sound that makes it easily a standout track of the three singles we have been teased with so far from their fourth studio album.

The addictive track is yet to be accompanied by a music video, though on their official Twitter and Instagram, PVRIS are warning us that we are “not ready for the music video…”. Us fans, however, can promise we certainly are and we’re ready for more tracks as well!

Georgia Eyles 

Image: ‘GODDESS’ Official Single Cover

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