Monday, February 27, 2023

A chaotic fusion of inspiration and energy as 100 gecs release new single

Hyperpop duo Dylan Brady and Laura Les are notorious for their unique fusion of chaos and style in their music under the name 100 gecs.

Releasing their debut album ‘1000 gecs’ on their own in 2016, the duo have made a huge name for themselves in the music industry and have performed as part of multiple festivals and concerts nationwide, notably Coachella in April 2022, since then.

In February of this year, they released their new single ‘Hollywood Baby’ as part of their new album ‘10,000 gecs’ and it has fans going wild; filled with their classic sound acting as a disruption to popular music and adding an incredible new sound to the music industry, it truly is a wonderful single.

The track is insanely upbeat the entire way through, leaving listeners in awe of the singers’ stamina and energy that they put into their music. Additionally, the static instrumental sounds that accompany the lyrics create an almost dystopian vibe to the record; it gives the impression of a chaotic world trying to find its place in the regular world. When applying this to the bridge’s lyrics “you’ll never make it in hollywood baby” , we see this sense of trying to ‘fit in’ or adjust yourself to meet the standards that certain industries set, whilst being forever grateful that 100 gecs have such a unique sound and don’t entirely conform to what society deems ‘popular music’. 

The level of intensity in their vocals is truly inspiring; the pair are constantly singing with a fast tempo and maintain a loud volume throughout. Not only does this add to the flair and distinctive sound the duo possesses but also allows listeners to understand how intense society can be through their music, and therefore how hard one must work to make it in the world. It gives us a sense of meaning in life- to find happiness and passion creatively. When collaborating with their use of autotune, this idea of being your true self amidst anything that people throw at you becomes the core of the song, and allows fans to come into their own. 

All in all, a truly magnificent piece of art conducted in an inspirationally energetic manner. 

Abby Price 


Image: 100 gecs ‘Hollywood Baby’ Official Single Cover

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