Monday, January 09, 2023

The Murder Capital release poignant new single ‘Return my Head’ with a nostalgic video

Post-punk Dublin five piece The Murder Capital release another single from their forthcoming album ‘Gigi’s Recovery’. The band share another hard-hitting track with emotional lyrics and beautiful music talent.  

The lyrics are poignantly vulnerable and honest. For example, the opening line of the record is I had to realign, to begin, to survive’ which is a genius way of opening a track about mental health. It is inspiring to see a grungy alternative band to make such a meaningful and thought-provoking song that will be relatable for a lot of listeners. The vocals are crystal clear, and the production of the track is finished phenomenally. 


The quiet and indie opening sound of the track progresses beautifully in to a punchy, punky song this band are so well known for. The vibrating guitar riffs in the background of the single give the track another dimension and this is especially noticeable in the music video. The video opens with a bunch of old tv’s showing blurry and old videos and the scratchy guitar sound matches with this element of the video perfectly. The video is shot on a camcorder and gives the atmosphere a nostalgic feeling. All this combined with the arty characteristics gives the song so much more feeling. You understand parts of the song better and the video and sound match faultlessly.  

The Murder Capital have released 4 impeccable singles from their new album, and I am very excited to hear more deep and meaningful sounds on the 20th January when their latest record is released.  

Alice Mason 

@alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: ‘Return my Head’ Official Single Cover 


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