Monday, January 23, 2023

Ruiz! releases iconic indie track, ‘The Human Touch’

Ruiz! is a multi-genre-defying artist based in Sheffield, UK. Known for a binary burst of new wave and a hint of psychedelic, the latest single ‘The Human Touch’ is an instant alternative indie rock classic that is made up of subdued and hypnotic riffs and powerful drumbeats like no other.

Starting as a bass player in the band The Only Fruit, Ruiz! has had his fair share of triumphs and successes within multiple outfits over the years. Now performing by himself, he not only performs solo but writes and records his own music.  

‘The Human Touch’ starts with a burst of distinctly indie energy. Ruiz! combines a hard-hitting drum, a rhythmic bass, and a blend of guitar and keys, which creates an instrumental that works in perfect harmony with his impeccable vocals. 

Soft and airy, Ruiz! has a falsetto range that is captivating to hear and as the song progresses the indie sound develops and blends into a psychedelic rock sound. This combination, though unusual, makes for a hypnotic and smooth listen. It’s refreshing to see an artist combine genre in this way.

With themes of love and respect, the track is about observing the world with a lack of human connection that some individuals have. Written during the covid 19 pandemic, Ruiz! perfectly captures hope and desperation through a tuneful and lighthearted instrumental but with an underlying level of gloom through lyrics such as “A feeling from inside, leaving fear behind. The fall from insanity.” 

‘The Human Touch’ is simplistic in its complexity, with intricate harmonies driven by raw emotion. Ruiz! is a spectacular songwriter using his craft to build a colourful story and vivid images in the minds of his listeners. An easy but thoughtful listen, ‘The Human Touch’ is an instant indie-meets-psychedelic classic. 

Ana Joy King
Image: ‘The Human Touch’ Official Single Cover

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