Monday, January 30, 2023

Nell Mescal’s ‘Homesick’ Perfectly Captures The Yearning That Comes With Moving Away From Home

19-year-old Irish native Nell Mescal has released her new single titled ‘Homesick’ after a successful run of supporting Phoebe Green on her UK tour. Mescal has been teasing her new single on her Instagram for a while now, and she did not disappoint. 

The name Mescal may sound familiar, since Nell’s brother is actor Paul Mescal from Normal People and Aftersun, but don’t let that take away from her raw talent. However, she has previously talked about how she used to run songs by Phoebe Bridgers, who Paul was linked to. Bridgers has even brought Nell out on stage with her. 

The singer released her first track ‘Missing You’ during the pandemic and then ‘Graduating’ last year. Both offer a melancholic sound, while also documenting her impressive vocals. After dropping out of school and moving to London last year, she wrote ‘Homesick’ to compartmentalise being away from home at a young age. This single is much different from her previous ones. It’s an indie-pop hit that makes others in the same position feel less alone. 

Listeners can relate to lyrics such as, “This place is not my home / I’ve got nowhere to go,” especially students who have moved away from home. ‘Homesick’ is a somewhat refreshing take on feeling lonely and is more upbeat than you’d expect it to be. 

Mescal performed this song on Ireland’s The Late Late Show earlier this week. She will also be performing at a few festivals in May and will hopefully have released more music by then!


Sienna Norris 


Image: ‘Homesick’ Official Single Cover


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