Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Mac DeMarco takes us on a journey with new album ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’

Canadian lo-fi indie, soft-rock music legend Mac DeMarco surprises fans with his 7th studio album ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ to be released on January 20th 2023. 

The 32-year-old from British Columbia is well known for tracks such as ‘Chamber of Reflection’ from the ground-breaking album ‘Salad Days’ released in 2014. 

The self-proclaimed ‘‘jizz jazz’’ artist has taken a step back from the emotional and synth/organ-based music he is so popular for, and we explore DeMarco’s musical talents through this instrumental album.  

This record takes the listener on Mac DeMarco’s journey across America as his plan was to ‘‘travel north and not go home to Los Angeles until I was done with a record’’ and you really get a sense of being on a road trip as you listen through this record. It’s such a special album to work your way through from start to finish as you really get a sense of how the travelling progressed.  

The album and expedition starts in ‘Gualala’ with a gentle, perfectly sound tune with vibrating bass and an almost out-of-tune guitar in the background. You really do get a sense of being in a car as the sound plods along in a positive way. ‘Gualala 2’ feels like the journey on the road started to become sluggish with wobbly guitar chords and a feeling of sadness in the slower tempo. It also starts to feel quite repetitive which could be foreshadowing the rest of the journey? 

As DeMarco’s journey continues, different instruments start to become new constants. For example, a trumpet and a ‘‘weird little drum kit’’ in Mac’s own words. These instruments are so versatile in this record and they add even more volume to the songs. It’s almost like the way these 2 instruments are used are in replace of the lyrics and vocals which usually feature in his albums.  

One of the most exceptional tracks on this record is ‘Vancouver 3’. It has similarity to the ‘Twin Peaks’ theme song with its creepy and eerie sound. The heavy, low bass juxtaposes the high pitch guitar playing, and this combined with all the other finer elements of the track, give this song a lot of feeling.  

This album is finished perfectly, and you can really tell that Mac DeMarco was happy about the journey coming to an end as the last few tracks on the record are a lot more cheerful, jazzy and sunny than others.  

This experimental and empirical album has so many special components that brings this adventure to an exemplary finish. It is exciting for Mac DeMarco fans to hear this different and eccentric record. ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ is released on January 20th 2023 and on vinyl in May 2023.  

Alice Mason

Instagram: @alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: ‘Five Easy Hot Dogs’ Official Album Cover


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