Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Gorillaz Share ‘Silent Running’ From Their Much-Anticipated Album ‘Cracker Island’

The explorative English virtual band Gorillaz release another superb track from their upcoming 8th studio album, ‘Cracker Island’

The band, formed by former Blur member Damon Albarn, have released 6 songs from the upcoming record - their newest tune, ‘Silent Running’ featuring Adeleye Omotayo, is another reason to be psyched for the album’s release on February 24th

Heavy use of synth and jazzy bass lines introduce the song, and it is immediately apparent that the Tame Impala energy from single ‘New Gold’ has continued into this new release. The sound perfectly travels around headphones throughout the track, and this is emphasised with a delicate whistling in the background.  

The catchy chorus and the soft vocals combined with elements of silver pan drums and soothing keys make this a complimentary and satisfying single. Albarn’s vocals are forever recognisable and another reminder of how talented this man really is - the simple lyrical chords are given extra flavour by the powerful tones of the founder of this unique band alongside the dramatic and soulful voice of Omotayo.   

Gorillaz yet again impress the listener with a perfectly produced record, and from what fans have heard so far, ‘Cracker Island’ could be another legendary album in Gorillaz history. 

Alice Mason 

Instagram: @alicemxson / @alicegoestogigs 

Image: ‘Silent Running’ Official Single Cover  

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