Friday, January 27, 2023

Father Knows Best On Vince Chinaski’s Latest Offering ‘Eat Your Peas’

If you asked someone to name some of Europe’s most famous cities, Copenhagen and Rome would undoubtedly be up there. Known for their stunning architecture, excellent food and genuine all-round contribution to both arts and society, they are some of the continent’s most sought-after destinations. I

t is no surprise then, that a man born in Rome and now settled in Denmark’s capital, is able to produce a stirring and somewhat cinematic masterpiece about a child consuming his vegetables. That is what Vince Chinaski manages on his latest single ‘Eat Your Peas’. 

The track commences with shimmering guitar and a head-nodding bass line. It’s a sound that gives off hope on a song that is laced with the meaning of paternal love and the depths to which a father would go to for their own child. It’s a theme beautifully conveyed by Chinaski as he states “I shrunk into a grain of sand / So that I can leave you all the space to expand / I swallow up the noise / For you to have a voice”. A passage that perfectly encapsulates the sacrificial elements of parenthood of a sound that has turned noticeably slower and thus more anthemic.  

It's in the line that gives the track the title that Chinaski lets us know some of his clear influences as he puts on his best David Bowie-inspired vibrato to plead “So now please, Eat your peas!”. It’s a witty moment in what is an earnest and heart-warming affirmation of familial bonds from the Italian. 

The track crescendo’s into a somewhat orchestral cacophony of guitars and synths that only add to the inherent innocence of the themes in the song.  

What Chinaski manages on ‘Eat Your Peas’ is to describe a moment of immense love, yet to also acknowledge the struggle and despair that only such adoration can bring about through the melancholy of his exceptional lyrics. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Eat Your Peas’ Official Single Cover 

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