Saturday, December 10, 2022

whenyoung break free in latest single ‘Unchained’

Irish duo whenyoung have been gaining momentum as of late with their experimental sound that pushes what we’ve come to expect of bedroom pop. 

With an album on the way in Spring 2023, they’ve released a slew of singles, with latest offering ‘Unchained’ being the most self-assured of the bunch – in tone and in content.

The track features a varied production style, easily blending a handful of genres in a new and refreshing way. It layers a grungy foundation with Niall Burns’ guitar riffs and building drum patterns with a combination of electronic elements. These additions sporadically placed throughout heighten impactful moments, yet give way to the vocal performance when necessary. This well-oiled symphony of components goes from subtle and playful to hard-hitting in a crescendo before the bridge.

Another noticeable element is the arrangement of harmonies throughout the runtime – pitches are pushed the extreme with high notes that sound almost alien through the subtle distortion behind the main vocal. Singer Aoife Power knows how and when to use her voice, she balances the nuance of the lyrics well with her delivery, and with personal lyrics like “I've been sitting for you quietly likе some disenchanted muse” the raw emotion comes through in the performance.

‘Unchained’ proves the duo can take risks stylistically but can also back it up with meaning – a combination that will get them far without a doubt.

Jessica McCarrick
Image: 'Unchained' Official Single Cover

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