Friday, December 09, 2022

MIKE Proves How He Can Handle Everything in the New Song 'Stop Worry!'

New York-based abstract rapper/producer MIKE releases his fourth single with Sister Nancy for the upcoming album 'Beware of the Monkey'.

Known for his gloomy beat choices and slow rapping, MIKE leads in a new way in his latest song and collaborates with deejay artist Sister Nancy. Compounding vaporwave, deejay, and hip-hop together in the new song 'Stop Worry!', MIKE comes up with a unique, distinctive feel that has never been seen before in hip-hop. Once again, MIKE proves his phenomenal rapping skills. 

This year, the artist walks away from his usual depressive style, and his confidence and romanticism shine through in many of this year’s releases, such as 'Nuthin I Can Do Is Wrng'.  Along with his production change, his bitter lyricism remains the same: "Another summer with them grey clouds, puddles 'round my feet / Same disruptive and remain wild, never giving peace”.

This release makes fans more curious about the new album, set to be released on December 21st, as MIKE’s latest singles have different vibes.


 Birgül Daş

  @6irgul  @acc0rdion

 Image: 'Stop Worry!’ Official Single Cover

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