Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Matt DeAngelis Channels Modern Woes And Anxieties On Latest Single ‘Change Your Ways’

Hailing from Southern New Jersey, Matt DeAngelis would be the first to tell you that he takes his spirituality seriously. One quick look at his website and you find a man not scared to relay the importance his faith has had in overcoming a childhood diagnosis of OCD and anxiety disorders.

As Matt himself has proven, many find comfort in faith when having to navigate through tough times, and the New Jersey native has channelled his beliefs into becoming a guiding force in his development as a musician. Yet, it’s not only his faith and music that make DeAngelis intriguing; it’s also his staunch stance on the battle against climate change. An amalgamation of all three of his interests comes to the fore on his latest single, the irrepressible ‘Change Your Ways’.

Opening with a bright and airy piano riff accompanied by pounding yet somewhat distant drums, the relatively soft touch of the opening musicianship allows DeAngelis’ falsetto vocals to soar. The delivery feels very Broadway, where DeAngelis often uses over-the-top delivery in a balance between speaking and talking to highlight the weight of emotions and fear he is clearly trying to convey throughout the track.

‘Change Your Ways’ is a not-so-subtle nod from the singer to the impending crisis we face in the wake of climate change. “We live in a world of egos / And, ha, they wonder how this happened?” he bemoans whilst the introduction of brooding and distorted guitars adds some guttural life into the song. After the track takes a surprising detour into the world of rap, wailing hair-metal style guitar solos create a cacophony of noise that could just as easily foreshadow the impending catastrophe we have brought upon ourselves as DeAngelis keeps his cool in the moment, calmly telling you to “change your ways”.

It’s an impassioned plea from a man who quite clearly takes pride in his own beliefs and it’s that drive that keeps you wanting to come back for more.

James Ogden

Image: ‘Change Your Ways’ Official Single Cover


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