Friday, December 23, 2022

Kid Apollo rounds off 2022 with latest release, ‘btw.’

Being brought to light just last year, Kid Apollo rounds off 2022 with their newest track, ‘btw.’, a perfect tune to ease us into the New Year.


Based in South London, this trio establishing twin brother producers, Felix and Theo Ratigan, as well as vocalist Jimmy HM, has given us the main listen of winter, coming straight off ‘u the real star here’, their newest EP, with this single contributing towards their deluxe version. 

This latest single is peaceful and full of ease, the acoustic guitar soothes throughout the experience of the song and goes hand in hand with lead singer, Jimmy HM’s undemanding vocals. It feeds similarities to Montell Fish with its lush soul and electronic-infused soundscapes ‘btw.’ provides a tranquillity contributing to Kid Apollo’s Lo-Fi identity. 

A visualiser has also been released alongside the single, just under two minutes of simplicity depicting a vibe of peace and feeling completely carefree. Incorporating aesthetic, natural blues and greens providing a wholesome sense of sincere happiness.

Having just opened for fellow London artist, Dexter at Moth Club, Kid Apollo are yet to release dates for their own shows, just teasing fans with flawless singles and EPs for the time being. What can we expect next?


Anna Scrimgeour 


Image: ‘u the real star here’ Official Single Cover


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