Monday, December 19, 2022

IDLES Get Crowds Roaring With Incredibly Powerful Glastonbury Performance Of ‘White Privilege’

IDLES are an incredibly talented group of musicians, coming together in 2009 to create a concoction of rock songs and gain an immense fan base. 

They released their debut EP ‘Welcome’ in 2012 and album ‘Brutalism’ in 2017 to great success - the album in particular led them to begin touring the country and release a further three albums. 

The unique style that they embrace is what captivates listeners most, joining the spoken word with hard-hitting instrumentals enabling their sound to be both enthralling and meaningful. 

They played their song ‘White Privilege’ on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury this year and it was a huge hit with the substantial crowd they gathered. Not only does Joe Talbot put on a show second to none with the incredible energy and passion he brings to the vocals, but the support from his band members Mark BowenLee KiernanAdam Devonshire and Jon Beavis allowed the set’s energy to hit a new high and get the crowd to become hugely involved - a wonderful sign for the success of the song. Lyrically, the song challenges society in many ways, commenting on it implicitly through lyrics such as “The SLC want Timmy's student loan back / He'd happily oblige but he's used it all on gak / Always poor, never bored”. Here, the band imply their views on an impossible financial situation that governments put young people in, as well as the rising recreational habits seen in those same young people. 

Accompanying these lyrics with a heavy, metallic sound, the band provide an incredibly powerful piece of music to get listeners thinking about their own privilege and societal position. Interestingly, the record begins and ends with great vigour, increasing as we move through with no moment of calmness or slowness. This adds to its power and emphasises the importance of the commentary they make. 

The guitar riffs are strong and grounding, giving the track its own aggressive and rebellious personality. The musicians are evidently extremely passionate about the music that they are creating as viewers can see in the live version of the song; they put their heart and soul into the performance and provide an empowering atmosphere. 

Overall, the band have produced a sound that both captivates and empowers listeners. Its intensity and genius give it a unique style and listeners can only hope to hear more tunes like this one live on stage. 

Abby Price 


Image: IDLES ‘Five Years of Brutalism’ Official Album Cover 

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