Thursday, December 15, 2022

Gorillaz Unveil Explosive New Track, ‘Skinny Ape’

The sensational ‘Skinny Ape’ is the latest single to be released by the ever-versatile virtual alternative rock group, Gorillaz.

The new track is the fourth to be unveiled in anticipation of the band’s upcoming album 'Cracker Island’, due to be released in February. It follows their dazzling collaboration with Tame Impala on ‘New Gold’, the dreamy ‘Baby Queen’, and their high-energy electronic collaboration with Thundercat on the album’s titular track, ‘Cracker Island’

Indeed, ‘Skinny Ape’ is a fantastic example of Gorillaz’s undeniable versatility. Its first half is calm and subtly melancholic, opening with acoustic guitar followed by a smooth electronic groove as Damon Albarn smoothly sings, “Don’t be sad for me”; meanwhile, its second half brings a total shift in tempo with a sudden transition into a dazzling - and almost overwhelming at first listen - hyper-pop section.

It feels as though the band really let loose on this explosive track, particularly following their release of the more reserved ‘Baby Queen’, and tap into their distinct ability to experiment with a stunning variety of genres and directions. This alone cements the single’s very likely place as a standout moment on the upcoming album. 

Alongside the release of the track, Gorillaz announced their plans for a huge immersive event: in New York’s Time Square and London’s Picadilly Circus, the band will utilise AR technology to deliver two immersive live performances - yet another example of their constant innovation and creativity.

‘Skinny Ape’ is thus another exciting moment for Gorillaz fans in the journey towards the hotly-anticipated album release and its ambitious accompanying projects.

Ellie Henderson


Image: ‘Skinny Ape’ Official Single Cover

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