Thursday, November 24, 2022

STONE release their punchy and monumental debut EP ‘punkadonk’

Merseyside alternative rock band STONE live up to their bold band name with a heavy, punk-filled debut EP full of attitude and anger. 

The four-piece from Liverpool have grown in popularity after going on tour with Sam Fender and Yungblud and have since announced their own tour for early next year, with some dates selling out. The energy and youthfulness of STONE shines in their debut EP with fierce lyrics and aggressive beats.  

The first track on the record is ‘Money (Hope Ain’t Gone)’ and what a first track it is! There is so much passion, aggression and intensity in the opening song and it is a fine example of the music STONE produce. The change in tempo that occurs throughout the song makes it atmospheric and inspiring and it makes you appreciate every sound each band member is making on their instrument. This also sounds epic through headphones because the vocals are so clear, and the lyrics are so poignant. You can also hear the screams of band member Sarah Sturrage in the background which adds another dimension to the song.  

STONE’s second song from the EP ‘Waste’ has a powerful message with lyrics such as ‘I wanna be noticed, I don’t care if it hurts’ which could be translated into the meaning of be who you want to be and don’t worry about what anyone thinks of you. 

The heavy, dark, and somewhat trippy sound of the third track ‘Moto’ has lead singer Fin Power singing about a trashy night out in Manchester and the events that occurred because of their Motorola. Despite the comedic lyrics, this is brilliant modern punk record that you can tell will sound absolutely bonkers live! 

The vivacious track that is ‘Radio Ready’ has an incredible bass riff hiding in the background which deserves more attention. This song is very similar to their popular single ‘Let’s Dance To The Real Thing’ which is a great sign that this band has determined the sound they want to achieve in their music. 

The only word to describe the final song on the EP ‘Disrupter’ is wow. You will be unexpectedly listening to a drum and bass banger but with the classic STONE vocals of Fin Power. This song came as a massive surprise and shows the talent this band has to produce an EP with so much variation, technique, and noise. Exciting things are to come from the Merseyside band that is STONE. 

Alice Mason 

 @alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: ‘punkadonk’ Official EP Cover  


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