Friday, November 04, 2022

Ricky Gourmet Cooks Up Delicious New Track ‘Robes’

For fans of artists like Bryce Vine, Still Woozy and Tame Impala, there is a new artist on the block and his name is Ricky Gourmet

Creating bops about all things sensual, he made his debut back in June of this year with his track ‘Sex & The City’, followed by ‘t9urline’ (featuring Daisy World). 

His newest track ‘Robes’ is no exception – smooth and hypnotic, it’s sure to be a fan favourite.

The intro wakes the listener up with a single piercing note that is quickly countered by some deep bass and pulsing drums. In a move inspired by many contemporary rappers, Gourmet adds his name shouted out at the beginning and superimposes elements like this throughout the song, adding texture to the track. The guitar is swanky and the groove of the song definitely rests on this element. Meanwhile, Gourmet’s vocals are a nice counter to the guitar, produced but still retaining some of the original smooth rasp that his voice has. This is yet again offset by the fun production elements like the synth and what almost sounds like bells. This track has enough variety to keep it interesting without sounding disjointed or tawdry.

As said, the song carries the groove of artists like Still Woozy while also not shying away from the topic of sex. While it is not out of the ordinary to have songs about sex infiltrate most genres, Gourmet strikes a nice balance. The lyrics are not what one would call subtle, but while the intentions of the song are blatant, it does this while leaving something to the imagination. One can look, for example, to the namesake line: “Robes comin’ off in the room”

This track is certain to make its way onto several playlists. Whether listeners like a slower groove tune, Gourmet’s vocals or simply want to explore their more sensual side, ‘Robes’ is there for one and all. Special attention should be paid to Ricky Gourmet as his success is sure to grow, meanwhile listeners should stream ‘Robes’, coming to all streaming platforms the 4th of November.

Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Robes’ Official Single Cover

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