Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Dylan creates a musical masterpiece outlining the hope and destruction of love

Natasha Woods, professionally known as Dylan in the world of music, released a new single to add to her collection of incredible creations. 

The new single, titled ‘Blue’encompasses her electro-pop style with a poignant amount of grief in the lyrics.  

Being on the musical scene since 2019, since her debut EP ‘Purple’, Dylan has grown a huge audience of dedicated fans that adore all she produces, and rightly so. Learning to play both piano and guitar by ear as a child and having an innate love for music, it comes as no surprise that the artist releases music that impresses and astounds all. artist releases music that impresses and astounds all. 

In her new song, the artist begins with a steady introduction, a calming rhythm and tone in her vocals and her instruments. The lyrics “They’re talking quietly, they say you’re back in town / these girls gossiping, said you’re sleeping around” are sung, implying a sense of returning; it feels as though the past is meeting the present in an unfortunate and tragic fashion. As the record progresses, listeners hear a heavier undercurrent as if anger and heartache grow with its continuation into the chorus. 

Dylan sings and plays with even more intense passion as the choral lines are heard. “Are you still in love? Have you had enough? / Of being apart, and forcing a spark / With someone to close the hole in your heart” demonstrates the utter brokenness one may feel after a breakup, whilst the drums behind the lyrics are powerful and heavy. This helps reinforce the implications of heartbreak weighing heavy on a person, and how it can truly feel as though the whole world has come crashing down. 

Perhaps the most compelling lyrics describe the utter determination to feel that love again in the bridge. Dylan sings “Cuz I think I can love you / Better than the girl in your arms / Say you want me back” exploring how, although it’s a well-known fact that going back to loving an ex-partner is almost never a good idea, many people feel the compulsion to return despite how much damage it may do in the long run. These words are layered with harmonies, repetition and an electronic feel to them; it creates an increasingly powerful message of grieving what was and the desire to go back to that point in your life.

Overall, the singer-songwriter has once again produced something incredibly moving, dynamic and enthralling.

Abby Price 


Image: ‘The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn’ Official Album Cover

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