Saturday, November 26, 2022

Dunebug releases an elegant and sophisticated new single 'Still Dreaming'

The Manchester-born artist and producer, Chi Limpiroj has returned with a debut solo project called Dunebug

The Mancunian's new single is titled ‘Still Dreaming’ and her latest work is certain to create more than just a few ripples on a wave of rising musicians across the country. Chi’s musical career began as a self-taught producer in sound recording and her talents have expanded from there.  

The ever-more-established artist has moved to the capital after pausing for five years and has already made appearances at festivals in Manchester and Leeds as well as performing at the Magneet Festival in Amsterdam.  

Limpiroj’s latest offering commences with the twanging treble of the electric guitar before a pulsating backbeat and layered vocals enter the frame to add more taste and elegance to the track. The transitions between verse and chorus are fairly minimal in the sense that the listener hardly notices; especially when immersed in the sound.  

Lyrics in the chorus include ‘’I don’t ever want to sleep again / I’m haunted by the ghost again’’. The suspense slowly builds throughout the song before the outro gently brings the music to an end, leaving the listener longing for more. This latest song is also accompanied by a music video that depicts a trip to the seaside for Limpiroj and her friends.  

Limpiroj’s music is a blend of intimacy and anguish as the lyrics tell a tale of woe, melancholy, and constant pining for a better day. Her music has already gained some momentum as her sound is beginning to transcend borders with listeners as far away as Mexico City and Los Angeles.  

After recently assembling an ensemble for live performances, she is swiftly becoming a highly anticipated artist with an eagerness to share her atmospheric and soulful music with the rest of the world.  

Antony Bailey 


 Image: 'Still Dreaming' Official Single Cover

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