Friday, November 11, 2022

Drake And 21 Savage Let Their Chemistry Shine On New Album ‘Her Loss’

Off the back of their incredibly successful collaborations ‘Knife Talk’ and ‘Jimmy Cooks’, rappers Drake and 21 Savage have released their debut full-length record together, ‘Her Loss’.

As Drake opens the album with “21, can you do somethin’ for me?” on ‘Rich Flex’, a playful tone and fun dynamic between the duo is instantly set as central to the album. 

Its light-heartedness was also reflected in its promotion – Drake and 21 Savage had run a series of parody magazine covers and interviews prior to its release, including a photoshopped Vogue cover and faux Tiny Desk Concert. As an opener, ‘Rich Flex’ also signals to the listener that the album represents Drake’s return to what he does best: hip hop, following his divisive dance record ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ released earlier this year.

‘Her Loss’ is a vibrant record, packed with addictive tracks which certainly showcase the skill of both artists. Although Drake takes the lead, 21 Savage plays a crucial role in their dynamic and brings some of the album’s most satisfying moments. Indeed, he even goes solo on the dark ‘3AM On Glenwood’, a standout on the record.

Their dynamic as a rap duo really shines through this project, with tangible chemistry throughout. On ‘Treacherous Twins’, they focus lyrically on their bromance, whilst the two rap in a satisfyingly back-and-forth manner on ‘On BS’“I jump on your song and make you sound like you the feature”, raps 21 Savage, before Drake interjects, “I jump on your song and make a label think they need ya, for real (Yeah)”. 

The only other artist to feature on the album is Travis Scott, who plays a central role in the tenth track, ‘Pussy & Millions’, but does not outshine the original duo.

The album also features some changes in pace, such as on the slower, more melancholic ‘Hours In Silence’, reminiscent of Drake’s ‘Take Care’ era. Although the album generally carries a more light-hearted feel than some of Drake’s previous work, ‘Her Loss’ remains laced with slower and darker beats – particularly towards its end, as the Toronto artist closes the album with the evocative break-up track, ‘I Guess It’s Fuck Me’.

Similarly, the lyrics are not always as simplistic and fun as Savage’s “I don’t show ID at the club, ‘cause they know I’m 21” on ‘Treacherous Twins’. On ‘Spin Bout U’, Drake makes jabs at the US politicians who fought for the overturning of Roe vs Wade; On ‘3AM On Glenwood’, 21 Savage raps about the trauma of losing those close to him to tragedies.

All in all, the album features some expectedly fantastic production, varied lyricism, and solid beats and samples – including the use of Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ in ‘Circo Loco’. Both rappers demonstrate their skill, with 21 Savage’s iconic monotone rapping proving as addictive as ever, whilst Drake’s unique pop rap style continually impresses. Together, the two create a sound that is simultaneously satisfying and captivating.

Although ‘Her Loss’ is by no means ground-breaking, it is a fun, layered project featuring two of the most exciting rappers of our generation. Its highlights – including ‘Rich Flex’, ‘On BS’ and ‘Circo Loco’ – are set to become familiar hits, and the album is certainly a very welcome return by Drake and 21 Savage, who continue to be one of the most exciting collaborating duos in hip-hop.


Ellie Henderson


Image: ‘Her Loss’ Official Album Cover

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