Saturday, November 26, 2022

Claire Heffernan Shows The Beauty In Change On ‘Gemini’

To win the award of being the best wedding musician in Ireland is no mean feat, yet it’s one that Claire Heffernan managed for three consecutive years between 2017 and 2019. 

The professional singer, Irish harpist and classical pianist is not the caricature of a wedding singer that you may have seen in Hollywood movies (Adam Sandler comes to mind). Instead, the Limerick native conveys beauty in her soft vocals that maintain the whisp of an Irish accent, whilst the way she is able to subtly mix the harp and piano makes her success at romantic events obvious. 

After years of playing events, Heffernan has started to release her own music. ‘Gemini’ is the first offering from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Young Heart’ 

Opening with her trademark combination of harp and piano, the track conveys a subtle grandeur not too dissimilar to fellow harp user Florence and the Machine. Gemini’ is in essence a break-up track from the perspective of the protagonist. Heffernan uses emotive imagery as she tells the tale of the spurning of a lover. “As you weep in silence on my shoulder” she sings in an empathetic speech-like manner that you would be more likely to hear on London’s West End, but that only adds to the dramatic nature of the song. 

Heffernan continues to delve into the reasons for the irretrievable breakdown of relations as she states, “Being a fighter is not for me / There’s a Gemini girl inside of me”. In the world of horoscopes, a Gemini is someone who is symbolized by celestial twins, which is often linked to the idea that someone with this star sign wishes they could clone themselves to pursue all the interests they have. It may well be the singer’s subtle way of hinting at why the relationship can’t go on, as she claims “Now I’m older I crave the change”. 

Gemini’ is a multifaceted release that explores a range of topics whilst the subtle otherworldly beauty of the fairytale-style backing track perfectly accompanies Heffernan’s incredible vocal performance. If this is the first taste of what is to come, I can’t wait to try the full meal. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Gemini’ Official Single Cover 

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