Friday, November 18, 2022

Black Honey create a track to endorse support and recognise the weight loneliness carries

Black Honey consists of four incredibly talented musicians coming together to create singles and albums leaving fans in awe and amazement each time. Originating in Brighton, they create pieces following an indie rock genre whilst also touring the country with their headline shows.

They have already released two studio albums since their debut in 2014 and are set to release a third (‘A Fistful of Peaches’) next year- an incredibly exciting announcement.

Their new single ‘Heavy’ bears the same quality and craftsmanship as listeners would expect from the band. Beginning with a strong and intensely musical sound, listeners are not eased into the power of the song, creating a great sense of energy and emotion from the beginning. The sound bleeds into the lyrics in an extremely unique and poetic fashion; listeners hear the crafted chaos of the drums as though it were in the next room alongside guitar riffs like no other whilst the lyrics say “Walked into the room as things got messy/ Still heavy on my bedroom floor”. These words speak volumes to their fans as they imply a feeling of lowness that floods over so many people whilst trapped in toxic relationships, a cycle of self-deprecation or even just general exhaustion with social expectations. 

Fans are also taking to the comments sections of the music video and describing the performance and the track itself as ‘iconic’, a word that works perfectly for this band. The opening lyrics “My highs like a deadweight/ Lows like a freight train” embody ideas of having so much baggage in the moments of lowness that it’s hard to carry alone. In turn, listeners are encouraged to seek help and support from other people whilst being subjected to beautiful works of songwriting. 

Overall, the song has been immensely successful and has had fans eager for the release of the album even more than before. With unique guitar riffs, drumming solos that take our breath away and lyrics to supersede any others, the single really is a work of art. 

Abby Price 


Image: Black Honey ‘A Fistful of Peaches’ Official Album Cover 


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