Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Hunna are back with a vengeance in new self-titled release

The Hunna will release their fourth studio album, ‘The Hunna’, on 28th October and fans are keen to hear it. The four singles ‘Apologies’, ‘Fugazi’, ‘Untouched Hearts’ and ‘Trash’ have provided eager fans with a well-rounded glimpse into what they can look forward to with the band’s latest project. 

True to their original style, The Hunna have packed the album with punchy lyricism, catchy hooks and high-energy beats that would give any good floor-filler dance track a run for its money. By this stage in their career, The Hunna have mastered how to make an album for the stage they play on and their self-titled is no exception to this.


The first track on the album, ‘The Storm’ introduces a new age, punk-rock sound which perfectly leads into their angsty first single ‘Trash’. This track perfectly encapsulates what the whole album is about for the band: it’s passionate; it’s angry; it’s fun and it’s catchy. Lyrics including “Well, look at me, look at me, I'm the boss / I know everybody, I can take you to the top / TikTok, TikTok, or else you get dropped /I can't dance to your song, that's not hot” is a nod to their issues with battling the heavily saturated content-creator age of music. Currently, if you can’t regularly create short and snappy content in the form of Instagram reels or TikToks, you can no longer remain ‘current’ within the industry and The Hunna’s self-awareness is poignant in that they are not in the business to bow to these new standards set by label figures. They go on to say in the chorus “All they want is f****** money, money, money / They don't care if hands get bloody, bloody, bloody / Sign right here, have no fear, buddy / Then they drag you through the dirt 'til it hurts”.

The band are no strangers to the aftermath of the cut-throat nature of the industry and have had quite the journey through different labels since the release of their first album ‘100’ back in 2016. Still, they have come back with spirit and a lot to prove. The track ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ is another example of how the band are able to document this fighting energy and prove that they, despite not adhering to the ideals set before them, are still very worthy of our attention as an audience – while also paying homage in their title to the mid-2000’s pop-culture classic movie, ‘Mean Girls’.  Lead vocalist, Ryan Potter says in the chorus “So what / I don’t give a damn / I am what I am / you’re not what I wanted”, further instilling that on this album, The Hunna are unapologetically themselves – like it or not. 

Despite staying true to this over-arching self-awareness, The Hunna have songs that cover everything they are as artists: from the rock and roll lifestyle they write about in ‘Fugazi’ to showing their more vulnerable, self-critical side in ‘Circles’. The album as a whole covers all bases and the band have already hit the road promoting and playing tracks from the album to the masses. Their schedule is non-stop for the next few weeks as they complete a sold-out UK tour, album release shows and record store signings/ meet and greets. 

No matter if you’re a long-time follower of the band or a new fan, now is the perfect time to catch The Hunna at their best. 


Shannon Gillespie

@shannongillespie / @shangillmusic 

Image: ‘The Hunna’ official album cover


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