Sunday, October 30, 2022

Stefan Dando releases poignant second solo track, ‘Loser Anatomy’

After years of regular gigging as a backing vocalist and guitarist, Stefan Dando decided to step closer to the spotlight towards the tail end of 2021. This latest track ‘Loser Anatomy’ is acoustically driven in nature, with simple yet effective instruments meshing together beautifully to create a highly impressive end result.

Dando's previous industry experience is evident from the get-go as both instrumental and vocal are superbly mixed, complimenting each other well.

The bass is the prominent feature on this track, with subtle tones interjected between the snappy guitar, it really becomes the driving force of this cut. Featuring both acoustic and electric guitar, the latter seems to take most of the load with snappy little riffs dotted between choruses and verses. The vocal is soft yet punchy, with the more emotive lyrics embellished beautifully. 

Despite its rather sad-toned title, the lyrical content is rather the opposite. Although the track discusses rejection and failure, it offers it from more of a glass-half-full perspective. The stand-out lyric of this track is the equally sad and defiant “My heart is tired but is tied to my sleeve”.

‘Loser Anatomy’ is a song that earns its place on any slow indie rock playlist, Stefan Dando is one to look out for going forward into 2023.

Image: ‘Loser Anatomy’ Official Single Cover

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