Saturday, October 01, 2022

PVA Release Their Ominous New Single ‘Bunker’

The electronic dance band PVA have released their new single ‘Bunker’ which could easily find itself in the post-punk 1980s – think New Order or Cocteau Twins.

Through their gigs at South London venues such as the Brixton Windmill, PVA has established themselves among bands such as Black Midi and Shame who signal a new wave of alternative artists on the London scene.

Their live success, which is all about a communal experience, led to the band landing a spot on the Sonic City Festival line up in Belgium and the release of their debut single ‘Divine Intervention’ with Speedy Wunderground in 2019.  

‘Bunker’ began, according to the London trio, as a loop included in their performances and evolved into the blistering track it is today. It came out of their ‘gig first, release later’ format. Transferring their electric energy on stage, the band have created another upbeat techno track whilst embracing a darker tone. Lyrics like “When nothing’s left/ Means we got it right/ And those faces staring keep you up at night” and “Try to run/Try to hide/Now I’m shaking from inside” gives a sense of isolation and hollowness.

Josh Baxter takes up the mic from his bandmate Ella Harris and displays prowling vocals which sit comfortably among erratic synths and a wavering bass. With Louis Satchell on drums, the track slowly builds tempo, bringing a certain urgency which is then released with a crashing finale.

PVA’s debut album ‘Blush’ is set to be released 14th October.

Maebh Springbett

Image: ‘Bunker’ Official Single Cover

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