Friday, October 07, 2022

Prove You Wrong Prove Subtlety Is Key On Latest Single ‘Numb’

Prove You Wrong is a musical project out of Yuma, Arizona. Led by Alex Munoz on vocals and guitar and backed by Doug Feasal on drums, the pair take their influence from the heavy rock of the 70s and wear their hearts on their sleeves whilst doing it. The latest single, the brooding ‘Numb’ , is taken off their debut full-length LP ‘So It Begins’.  

With its repetitive 3-chord progression, you would be understood in thinking ‘Numb’ may become monotonous. Yet, the dark and menacing tones of the guitar matched with the head-nodding tempo of the drums add a sense of danger to the forlorn lyrics that keep you intrigued throughout its 4-minute run time. 

The vocals are delivered in a style akin to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, with a raspiness incorporated into powerful notes that ooze cool. “So I numb myself / Like I do / Numb myself to forget the truth about you,” croons Munoz in his sultry tone. The pain in his voice is palpable as he retells the age-old story of using substances to dull the pain of a failed relationship. The undertones of swagger in his words still manage to maintain the jeopardy of the track, allowing it to screech to a halt before falling off a cliff and into the depths of self-pity. 

A wailing guitar solo with an excellent use of the wah pedal is the only respite from the endless marching of the slow drums and distorted guitars. Still, its slow and steady nature perfectly encapsulates a track that relies on steady beats interlaced with silence to create a painting of pain and pleasure. What Prove You Wrong achieve on ‘Numb’ is subtlety at its finest. Sparse lyrics sung in a husky swagger, accompanied by simple beats and riffs, create a stark picture of the dissonance between many of life’s struggles and the self-prescribed medicines we take to allay them. 

James Ogden

Image: ‘Numb’ Official Single Cover 


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