Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Mimi Webb shares a tale of lost love in her latest release, ‘Ghost of You’

Upcoming pop powerhouse Mimi Webb’s third single of the year, ‘Ghost of You’, packs punchy lines and melodic vocals with heartfelt, tell-all lyrics about love, loss and moving on. 

The song was initially teased on TikTok at the start of September, with the aim to release the track on 16th September. Respectfully, it was decided that the release would be delayed (assumedly due to the death of Queen Elizabeth ll and the surrounding media coverage) and instead the song and accompanying video were released on 8th October 2022. 

The track, set around the week after a breakup, follows Webb through her process of grieving the breakdown of her relationship while holding onto the hope that she can come to terms with it and move on. “Morning turns to evening / Haven’t even thought about you leaving / Swear to God, I almost got this feeling off my mind” she writes, which perfectly encapsulates that well-known feeling of not thinking about someone until you discover a thing in your life that still reminds you of them. 

The chorus sums up this notion whilst also drawing metaphors of this love interest coming ‘Back from the dead’ sliding once again into Webb’s life at times when she feels like she has almost moved on. The song resonates with Webb’s audience because it draws on such a personal but relatable feeling – “Every time I'm in the dark / I feel you there like a shock to my heart / Back from the dеad / Oh, I know you're gone / But I still hold onto the ghost of you”

Even prior to release, the track had racked up thousands of likes and comments on TikTok, with countless fans using the sound and sharing their similar experience. Webb’s success largely centres around her teasing her tracks on the app with fans flocking to duet her videos and make ones of their own using her sound. Within the first two weeks of the release, ‘Ghost of You’ has over 2.5 million Spotify streams with Webb also announcing UK tour dates and the title and release date of her first album 'Amelia', which is set to be released in March 2023. 

Shannon Gillespie

@shannongillespie / @shangillmusic 

Image: ‘Ghost of You’ Official Single Cover

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