Friday, October 21, 2022

Indie Rock At Its Finest: ‘We Are One Body’ By Viscula Revisited

Ukrainian outfit Viscula have never been shy when it comes to stepping into their creativity. Taking indie in its stride, the band have released some exceptional singles and albums in the process. Their most notable is the 2017’s mini album ‘We Are One Body,’ where Viscula cleverly feed into a concoction of indie post-punk across three tracks striking up a whirlwind of emotion and creating an enthralling listen.

Forming back in 2002 in Ukraine, Viscula, now based in London since 2019, has created quite a name for itself. Playing extensively around the world in 18 countries and were awarded ‘Best Indie Artist’ at Ukraine’s main music festival Chervona Ruta back in 2013.


The titular track ‘We Are One Body’ is fluttery and light-hearted. Opening with a folk-y-styled electric guitar and percussion wouldn’t be out of place in an independent film. This, mixed in with a heavy drumbeat and charismatic vocals, creates a continuous upbeat and dream-like tune and addictive rhythm creating bright and colourful imagery in listeners' minds.


The second track ‘Ask Me Why’ opens with a huge, distinctive riff that is striking from start to finish. Reminiscent of the classic rock track ‘Californication’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vicscula creates echoing harmonies and a memorable track through repetition, making it easy to sing along and instantly make it familiar memorable. Combining this with Vitali’s crisp guitar playing and a powerful drumbeat gives the track depth and makes for an enthralling listen.  


‘Dance Cannot Be Killed’ gives dance rock a much-needed restoration. Full of high energy and self-assured lyrics, loud and chaotic and nothing short of fun, Viscula demands the attention of those listening. It makes the listener want to embrace their mischievous side. The slight distortion in the vocals gives it a unique edge, mirroring the rhythm and beat of the drums and continuous guitar chords.


 ‘We Are One Body’ from start to finish is an excellent EP and gives listeners three distinct tracks, each sparking a different response and emotion. Despite its 2017 release date, it feels refreshed and new and should be on the playlist of any indie fan.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘We Are One Body’ Official EP Cover

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