Monday, October 31, 2022

Iam Nothe Is Stepping Into Post Punk With New Single ‘The Grand Design’

Spyreas Sid is back with a new name, era and single. Sid has been one of the major performers in Greece and the Balkans throughout the last two decades.

He was the frontman of Cyanna Mercury from 2014-2017 and Cyanna from 1999-2013, and he had a very strong career touring through Greece, Balkans and performing at several European music festivals.

He has been working on this solo project since 2018, working with new musicians and developing a sound all his own.

Iam Nothe’s latest single ‘The Grand Design’ is the second release from his debut album of the same title. In this new persona, the singer is embracing a very post punk sound. The song opens up with a synthy guitar and piano melody leading to a soft introduction to his robotic, kind of Bono-like voice, in a style very similar to The Smiths or Joy Division

Drummer Gustav Penka and guitarist George Katsanos create a melody that crescendos for the whole number, building from something to sway and tap your foot along to a great song for running. Sid created the synth programming himself and finds the perfect balance of letting it be heard and add to the track without being overproduced.

The lyrics are telling a story of a grand life plan and walking away from it all for something “more”, while dealing with the societal standards of “being a man”. This is likely a personal story from the singer telling listeners his journey of stepping out into a new musical path. 

Iam Nothe fans of his previous music will find comfort in this new sound, as he has comfortable pushed his boundaries in rock and roll. While it opens up a darker path it has a lot of musical depth and emotion behind his new songs. Iam Nothe’s latest EP ‘The Grand Design’ is available now for any listener’s rainy day playlist.

Hope Orr


Image: ‘The Grand Design’ Official EP Cover

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