Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Dodie shares wholesome new single, ‘Lonely Bones’

British indie musician dodie has recently released ‘Lonely Bones’, a single off her 4-track ep, ‘Hot Mess’. The singer, who is also known as Dodie Clarke, began her career by uploading videos on YouTube and since then has had three EPs and a debut album titled ‘Build A Problem’ which was released last year. 

Dodie has always shared an authentic and raw version of herself on the internet throughout her music and YouTube channel, and ‘Lonely Bones’ is no different.

It is a beautiful single that fills the listener with warmth, it is a lullaby that is somehow whimsical but also melancholic at the same time. 

The track abruptly finishes in mid chorus, leaving the last line open which feels like an unfinished sentence, which adds to that lonely and melancholic feeling. 

Lonely Bones’ is filled with stunning harmonious vocals and is tied together with acoustic instruments, creating a melody that is sure to tug on the listeners heartstrings, if you pardon the pun. The singer is joined by a beautiful group of women in the second half of the track, chanting “La, La, La” in the background, whilst dancing around the room in the music video, a rather wholesome moment which fills the listener with warmth. The video for the track, which was ‘live from the attic’, can be seen here

Her new EP is somewhat inspired by a series that the singer documented on YouTube, where she wrote and recorded a song based on each month of the year, a time where she was touring and dealing with her mental health.

Check out the videos on her second channel, doddlevloggle.

Rosie Morrison


Image: ‘Lonely Bones’ Official Single Cover

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