Monday, October 10, 2022

DEADLETTER Tackle the Heaviness of Life in Brilliant New Single ‘Weights’

Post-punk group DEADLETTER deliver a refined reflection on the tedium and bitterness of life and art in new single ‘Weights’. 

The multi-instrumental, South London-based outfit have been making more and more noise since their debut single ‘Good Old Days’, released in 2020. Currently on a tour of the UK, the group is pushing their work rate in live settings and the studio, with their upbeat single ‘Binge’ dropping last month. This is all in anticipation of their upcoming debut EP ‘Heat!’, which comes out on the 18th of November.

Their most recent effort is loud and oozing with character. The drums have immense clarity, despite their volume. Booming, punchy guitar riffs effortlessly fuse with synthesisers, which fill the low-end. 

Using synths to create a multidimensional sound and mix is not particularly ground-breaking in UK punk, especially with groups like IDLES and Squid. Yet the arrangement is tasteful - it is not at all overdone, which can be very easy to do given the limitless possibilities of these devices. The inclusion of melodic saxophone licks - particularly in the outro - also adds to the track’s charm, acting as an elegant counterpoint to the guitars.

The music is at a very high level, especially considering this is a band that is yet to release a full-length project. The lyricism matches the quality of the musicianship. Frontman Zac Lawrence sings of suffering through adversity and making it known, so that your own struggle might not be so bleak. After all, “You’re much like a blind man who’s crossing the road / It’s OK to scream”. But its not all self-care and positivity, with lines like “Life imitates art they say / In which case art must be utter dismay” making for a dirgy, but very witty chorus. The lyrics brilliantly intersperse life advice and youthful sensitivity with bitter meditations on modern life.

This single is sharp and bold, showing their promise as a band. The EP will surely continue this upward trajectory.

Will Kemp

Image: ‘Weights’ Official Single Cover

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