Friday, October 14, 2022

Bill Waters releases hazy new single 'IKYK'

The Brooklyn-based musician Bill Waters has returned with the release of his latest single titled ‘IKYK’. His brand-new three-minute trippy pop record arrives off the back of other recent singles such as ‘Sweeter’‘Mr. Mrs.’, and ‘Only One’.   

The track starts with the guitar twanging before the remaining instruments enter in unison to immediately lift the dynamics. The opening line of the song ‘’Bend over the sun / So I reach for the gun’’ adds to the mystery and mist of the music.  The chorus includes lyrics such as ‘’I know you’re calling me baby / I know you went through my phone’’ which suggests the song is about deception and dishonesty.  

Bill Waters’ most recent track concludes with the music swiftly fading into the mist to leave the audience in eerie silence. The outro includes Waters repeating the lyrics ‘I know you know’ before the music suddenly cuts off. Overall, this song contains layered vocals combined with a delicate two-part harmony to add more subtlety and flavour to the music.  

The drums and bass are locked in tight and includes some tight fills and grooves to transition in between each section of the song. The guitar twanging improves the track and adds more mystery as the audience is whisked away on a lucid dream for three minutes straight. 

Who knows what's up next for Bill Waters but one thing for sure is that he is really starting to firmly establish himself on the pop music scene not only in the US but in Europe. His latest single is sure to be heard for some time to come.     

Antony Bailey


Image: 'IKYK' Official Single Cover

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