Friday, September 09, 2022

The Amazons’ Third Album Packs A Punch

The third album by Reading’s The Amazons is here, filled with roaring anthems and meaningful lyrics, this is the perfect follow-up to 2019’s ‘Future Dust’.

After a string of festival dates across the summer and new singles making waves on the radio, it’s no surprise that their new album has been so hotly anticipated by both the press and fans alike. 

Kicking off with title track ‘How Will I Know', this album already feels destined for greatness. The emotion in singer Matt Thompson’s voice really comes through in the chorus of  How will I know if Heaven will find me? / Everything I've lost / And all that I might be / There's a change in the way we talk / Ain't it strange, we don't care no more?” - I feel that this track provides a hard-hitting and impactful opening to the album.

'Say It Again’, ‘There’s A Light’ and ‘Northern Star’ bring slower aspects to the album, giving the listener a chance to breathe before pelting track ‘Wait For Me’, which sees Matt sing “I can't shake the feeling that im underwater / and I'm / reaching out for something to hold onto” which is a pretty powerful opening line to any song. This album as a whole is full of raw emotion and this song demonstrates that more than most. Not just the lyrics, but the way he sings the lyrics. 

‘One By One' takes the album on a slower turn once again, the simple yet effective guitar patterns providing a calming base for this track, with soft vocals layered over the top. This song sounds pretty and sparkly, quite a stand out in terms of simplicity and atmosphere. Gigantic tune ‘Ready For Something' is next on the tracklist, where we see Matt provide more power vocals, paired with twanging guitar strings and pacing drums. This is the type of song that The Amazons do best; big-impactful-arena-ready rock anthems. It's songs like these that you can imagine being played to tens of thousands of people on stages all across the world.  But it's not long until the album is slowed down again, with the gorgeous and heartfelt track ‘For The Night’, which sees Matt searching for something seeking “Reason to fight / in the middle of the night” 

‘In The Morning' is a real crowd sing-along, the “Oh oh ohs” at the beginning immediately making my mind imagine it being sung back by the crowd in a live setting. I can tell that this one will be a future staple of The Amazons’ live sets for sure. 

The final track ‘I’m Not Ready' brings the album to completion. The calm and concluding track hears Matt singing about how he “doesn't want to go home” - I think that this line works well as a lyric in the final track, especially accompanied by the lyric “I’m not ready to let go” this symbolizes something ending, just as the album is coming to a close. I think that this is a poignant end to a spectacular album. The Amazons are one of the best bands to come out of England in a while, and every album they release only cements them as future rock heavyweights.  

Jazz Myatt

Image: ‘How Will I Know If Heaven Will Find Me?’ Official Album Cover

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