Thursday, September 08, 2022

Fendahlene tell their listeners to ‘Get Over It’ in punchy new track mixed by Kevin Shirley

Following on from their most recent release (a cover of The La-La-Lettes’ ‘North East’), UK-based Aussie rock band Fendahlene are bestowing their next musical instalment upon us. ‘Get Over It’ is a striking indie rock tune made in collaboration with mixer, Kevin Shirley

Fendahlene formed in Sydney in the '90s and have since built up a wealth of tracks, albums and EPs. 

Their sound is particularly reminiscent of 60s and 70s alt-rock, with flickers of influence from other modern alt-rock bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers; this is particularly noticeable in their latest track. The pair seem to like rousing opinions, using their music to discuss hot topics like Brexit and lockdown, whilst simultaneously delivering heavy rock that can simply be enjoyed just for the sake of it.


‘Get Over It’ is a dynamic indie track that looks at love, life and the gunk in-between. It is obvious that the pair created this tune in lockdown, with the lyrics “why should I have to make the best of this” and “find a way out of this” repeating over and over in an apparent connection to both lockdown isolation and a relationship turned sour. The listener is instantly thrown into the track, with little warning and the heavy, continual guitar rift and pounding beat drill the message in further. 

The following lyrics “you call it love, I call it treachery”, highlight how quickly a relationship can fall apart, with the title showing how one might wish that getting over said relationship could happen just as quickly; a sense of desperation for escapism seems to pour out of the track. Just as quickly as it begins, the song abruptly ends at two minutes and fifteen seconds, leaving the listener a little confused and lost – two major themes in this track.


Hopefully the pair plan to continue recording their lockdown creations and we look forward to seeing what’s in store.

Maddie Bridger


Image: ‘Get Over It’ Official Single Cover

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