Tuesday, September 06, 2022

CRAWLERS’ New Single ‘I Don’t Want It’ Is What We Want

Crawlers, the breakout band of 2021, have released their new single ‘I Don’t Want It’ and we’re all ears.

Like most of their music, Crawlers don’t shy away from heavy topics, but perhaps that is exactly what makes them so appealing as these tracks are both raw and relatable. 

I Don’t Want It’ explores the very real pressure felt in your twenties to have it all figured out and the difficulty navigating relationships – “Cry when we turn twenty-one / Cause life is over not begun”. Lyrics such as “It’s not self-harm, we’re smiling” convey a sense of self-sabotage by seeking superficial relief. 

With a partying cry, the track begins signalling the manic energy set to follow. A distorted riff from guitarist Amy Woodall is repeated throughout, while Liv Kettle’s low bass gives the single a distinct alt/grunge feel. At 2:15 it certainly seems like Crawlers are providing listeners with their own temporary high.

The Merseyside four have emerged as part of a fresh live scene in Liverpool where they amassed a fiercely loyal fanbase. Since their self-titled debut EP in October 2021, Crawlers have signed with Polydor Records and already embarked on a sold-out UK tour earlier this year, including performances at the recent Reading & Leeds Festival.  With over 800k monthly listeners on Spotify, their popularity has spread beyond the northern city with a growing community quickly building steam in the US too. The band is set to tour over in the States later this year and, with this new release, is easy to see why.

Maebh Springbett


Image: ‘I Don’t Want It’ Official Single Cover

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