Thursday, September 15, 2022

Biig Piig Sets the Dancefloor on Fire With Latest Single 'Kerosene'

Though the summer may be on its last legs, Biig Piig is determined to elongate her summer feels with her newest track 'Kerosene'. An ode to club culture (presumably that of West London, where she now resides), Biig Piig pays homage to the sex-driven nature of the culture she finds herself wound up in; a continuous refrain of "I want you tonight" seems to reinforce the memo that everyone is there to have their clothes ripped off and taken apart. 

A thumping dance rhythm drives the song through dark and muggy soundscapes before piercingly clear synths intrude to uplift the song, earning its place on a dingy dancefloor somewhere where you'd be likely to make a few bad decisions. Biig Piig's gentle, hushed vocals murmuring over the anthemic musical backdrop do not disappoint; it's these vocals that create the seductive tone of the song which go hand-in-hand with Biig Piig's alluring lyricism. There's certainly a distant Billie Eilish feel to the production, and the sexually empowering lyrics fortify this further. 


At points, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were listening to the song from a different room than where the music is playing, as its dampened drums and drabbed vocals combine to produce a gloomy effect. Still, 'Kerosene' kicks back into gear as you'd expect, providing groovy basslines that are sure to get people moving. 


The Cork-born 24-year-old may have left it late, but she has presented a last-minute summer banger which, in no uncertain terms, outlines a typical interaction between potential lovers on a night out: "Now you set the tone, I can't let it go / Craving kerosene (I want you tonight)". 


Biig Piig is expected to release new music imminently, and if 'Kerosene' is anything to go by, then we should all be excited for what is to come. 


Harry Blunt-Bigwood


Image: 'Kerosene' Official Single Cover

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