Monday, August 29, 2022

The Struts immerse listeners in a world of partnership and bravery in new single

Originating from Derby, British rock band The Struts have skyrocketed to fame over the past decade. 

The group have acquired an enormous fan base through their incredible music whilst being influenced by the likes of Queen, The Vaccines and Aerosmith. After debuting their first studio album in 2014- ‘Everybody Wants’, the band have gone from strength to strength. 

Their new single ‘Fallin’ with me’ was released on 19th August this year and encompasses their hard rock vibe, with listeners singing along already.  

 The track opens with great impact; a hardcore, elastic-like guitar riff is played, creating a sense of anticipation and a short build-up to the rest of the song. Immediately the vocals begin with the line “You be my Alice/ And I’ll be your mad hatter” with a fast tempo and a strong beat that continues throughout the single. These lyrics mimic the idea of falling down a rabbit hole, as in the popular novel and movie Alice in Wonderland, and subsequently give an impression of falling hard and fast. This may be in love, in trust or in faith, but either way, it certainly reveals the strength gained when one person becomes attached to another.  

The upbeat nature of the music does not stop there. With the lyrics “You’re coming with me, let’s take a dive” also demonstrating the trusting nature of the relationship in question, listeners are encouraged to see the bravery and courage involved in any kind of relationship. The music itself acts as a barrier to the harsh nature of the outside world - it behaves as a way in which listeners can shout and scream for joy in music. The band consistently produces wonderfully crafted music that brings the vibe of the room up immensely, and we see that once again here. Falling down a rabbit hole is scary when alone, but with another person, that fear is wiped away and transformed into a feeling of being unstoppable and immortal.  

The Struts have concocted yet another hit single, encouraging listeners implicitly to not fall alone and find comfort in those around them. 

Abby Price


Image: The Struts ‘Fallin’ With Me’ Official Single Cover

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