Monday, August 15, 2022

The Breakdown Are Back To Share A Glimpse of Living The High Life

The South-London-based classic rock quartet; The Breakdown have released their blistering brand-new single ‘High Life’

Their new record arrives hot on the heels of other recent singles including ‘Summer Song’ and ‘King of The Hill’. The band was formed in 2019 by friends living in the same area of south-east London and includes members from a previous group that formed over fifteen years ago.    

The track starts with a quick and powerful fill which quickly transitions into a driving drumbeat backed by the bass to push the song forwards. ‘’Broken arms, broken minds, broken lives / Living the high life’’ is repeated throughout the chorus and there is an increasingly interesting interlude and a guitar solo that remains with its audience until the record reaches its conclusion.  

The music contains contagious guitar riffs, motifs, melodies, and a poignant message which typifies the current crises occurring around the world. This song is sure to leave its audience with a sense of excitement, an adrenaline rush, and a sobering reality check about what is happening around the world right now.  

Their latest material isn’t only being well received here in the UK but is also starting to reach audiences on the continent and beyond too. The band have also been working on a debut album titled ‘Open The Barricades’ and have announced that it will be released this month on August 19th 

The band are yet to announce any upcoming gigs but their album has undoubtedly been well worth the w
ait. Follow the The Breakdown's social media accounts to stay tuned to future release dates.  

Antony Bailey 


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