Sunday, August 28, 2022

Take a mellow, mindful moment with Caezar’s ‘Forget About It’

Songwriter-producer, Caezar’s latest single is here to offer a three-minute moment of escapism.

Compared to his previous releases, which sway more on the electronica side of things, ‘Forget About It’ is a relatively stripped-back, simple song. For the first half of the track, Caezar mainly makes use of an acoustic guitar and his vocals. It’s only about midway through when an electric guitar is introduced, before Caezar takes it back down again for an acoustic guitar outro. 

This change of pace from Caezar’s usual style of work gives the vocals the breathing room to shine. On the surface the vocals may appear simple, but there are layers to Caezar’s vocals that subtly show off his range of abilities, for example, the descending harmonies and adlibs. 

Being half-English, half-French and raised in Germany, Caezar is certainly well travelled. He attributes this lifestyle to a big part of inspiration and motivation for songwriting, so it’s no surprise that in ‘Forget About It’  this desire to broaden horizons and gain new perspectives is directly explored as he sings “maybe we could fly away / to Spain, to Paris, to Venice”.

This desire for care-free adventure truly adds to the laidback, ‘what will be will be’ attitude of the overall song, which quickly takes hold of the listener.

With this theme, it’d be easy for the track to come across as patronising or preachy. However, Caezar avoids this completely by using playful characteristics that make the song feel as if its coversational, rather than reigning superior. This is channeled through adlibs, “nothing!” and “dont be a d*ck”, that makes the track simultaneously uplifting and grounding.

This new release has certainly showed a different side to Caezar’s talents as a musician, and is sure to add to an eclectic discography one day. Especially at only 20 years old, the standard of Caezar’s future releases stand to have immaculate potential.

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

Image: 'Forget About It' Official Single Cover

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