Sunday, August 21, 2022

Sheffield-Based lostboy Reveals Colossal New Alt-Rock Single ‘Overdue’

The alternative band lostboy has released a new single title ‘Overdue’, this comes after the EP ‘Love Among Angry People’ was released earlier this year. 

The song, according to lead singer, Max Clutterback, is supposed to really capture those feelings of frustration when you can’t (or feel like you can’t) see your mates or get out for a catch up. Sometimes things get in the way; be that your daily grind, covid or just that you don’t feel up to it. Being back at festivals for the first time this year as a punter has shown me how full off madness everyone is to be back with the people they call home. I wanted to write this song for them.”

The band released their first few songs ‘Luna’ and ‘Lita’s Place’ back in 2019, and then the pandemic hit, but the song they released in 2020, ‘Fool’ ended up becoming their most popular song with over 300,000 Spotify streams.


Originating from Sheffield, lostboy is made up of Clutterback, Henry Robinson (bassist) Ethan Reeves (drummer) and lead guitarist Jack Berry, the latter of whom was the final addition to the band. After meeting in secondary school and then attending the University of Sheffield, where they met Berry, they took inspiration for their name from the eighties cult classic film, 'The Lost Boys'. 


‘Overdue’ has the feel of a Catfish and the Bottlemen song but with more edge and punk factor, with a softer start to the song before being thrown into something similar to a rock-like parallel universe in the chorus. It captures the rage of the past few years during COVID-19 of not being able to see your loved ones or be in an environment crammed with those who enjoy the same things as you. The intensity of the chorus, which starts with the lyrics I know we’ve all been tied up lately/ We’re overdue a catch up on my sofa.”


The song was produced by Alex Quinn, who has worked with the likes of bands such as The Royston Club and Bandit. lostboy are set to perform in their native Sheffield as well as Bristol in October. 


Sienna Norris


Image: lostboy ‘Overdue’ Official Single Cover



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