Saturday, August 20, 2022

‘Hell On Earth’: Circa Waves Drop Surprise Single

After two years without new music, Circa Waves fans have been blessed with a brand-new song titled ‘Hell On Earth’ which entails the feelings of anxiety surrounding the world we are currently living in.

Circa Waves have been together since 2013, when they formed in Liverpool. Members Kieran Shudall, Vocalist and guitarist, accompanied by fellow guitarist, Joe Falconer, with Sam Rourke on the bass, and drummer Colin Jones, quickly climbed up the charts with their debut single ‘Get Away/Good For Me’ and upon releasing the ‘Young Chasers’ EP, supported The 1975 and The Libertines in 2014.

2020 was the last time the band released music, their last album ‘Sad Happy’ was popular amongst fans, and even their collaboration with Alfie Templeman on the song ‘Lemonade’ garnered ten million hits on Spotify. 

‘Hell On Earth’ captures the feelings of people living in the current climate, where the world is dying, living through a pandemic and the feeling of distrust towards our own government, which are emphasised by the lyrics “Another waste of time/ As politicians lie/ Again and again.” The song is quite repetitive, but that’s what makes it feel more personal to its listeners by capturing this feeling of not this again. The lyrics are filled with rage, before slowing down near the end of the song before returning to the angst with amplification.
The song is like ‘T-Shirt Weather’ on speed, and in the best way possible. ‘Hell On Earth’ sounds much different from Circa Waves’ last stint at releasing music, which was more mellow. The visuals for the single is an animation of the world on fire, reflecting the chorus “I think I’ve died/ And gone to hell/ And I don’t care/ […] It was hell on earth.” 

With the surprising release of ‘Hell On Earth’ the band have announced their plans to release a new EP, hopefully with a similar sound to this single. Circa Waves are also set to perform at Reading and Leeds Festival at the end of this month!


Sienna Norris


Image: Circa Waves ‘Hell On Earth’ Official Single Cover

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